Our staff will be very happy to accommodate English-speaking patients.


Prof. Agata Karowicz - Bilińska used to cooperate with Johns Hopkins Hospital School of Public Health in Baltimore (USA), where she gained experience in dealing with local cases.


Our Surgery Manager, after a 25 year stay in the UK, prides himself on his language and communication skills. He has been praised for his second to none rapport with the general public.


Our offer includes:




* Comprehensive care for pregnant women
* Providing care in cases of physiological pregnancy
* Minimising the dangers associated with high-risk pregnancy
* Prevention and treatment of cervical insufficiency
* Prevention of premature termination of pregnancy
* Microbiological Diagnosis
* Diagnostic Ultrasound
* Cytological tests


* Contraceptive counselling
* Diagnosis of infertility
* Hormone replacement therapy
* Prevention Studies: breast, ovarian, cervical and endometrial
* HPV infection diagnosis
* BAE (fine needle aspiration of Endometrium)
* Cryotherapy
* Diagnosis and treatment of
cervix and vagina inflammation


* Ultrasound diagnosis of genital area
* Ultrasound diagnosis of ovulation


* Helping to ease pain
* Treating edema
* Treating limb paresthesia





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